Citizen's Complaint

Simple Easy Steps

Fill out your Citizen's Complaint Form
online fast and easy. Attach any necessary documents. Certify and sign your complaint.

Process payment securely of $25
online and print your form.

Submit your form to the Police Department
or any other entity that is applicable.
Wait for a review of your Citizen's Complaint.

What is a Citizen's Complaint?

A citizen's complaint is an action taken by a citizen or entity to formally bring attention to the police department for any police action or inaction that the citizen or entity considers to be contrary to law, proper procedure, good order, or in some manner prejudicial to the citizen, an entity, or to the community as a whole. This form can allow you to formally submit paperwork to enforcement agencies or other entities to initiate review and/or investigation into your allegations of wrongdoing by your adversary party or accused party.

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